Sunday, 3 January 2016

Grace's Quilt Ta Da!

This is my second finished quilt in December and my second FAL quarter 4 finish ( original FAL Q4 here )  I haven't done very well this quarter in the FAL. I spent most of October sewing together this WW1 quilt which wasn't on the list :

And the rest of the quarter I have been busy with fun things like holidays and Christmas festivities.
Anyway, the result is very little sewing. I first started Grace's quilt nearly 6 years ago when Grace was Harri's girlfriend. They parted a long time ago and the quilt got shelved. I wanted to get it finished as I'm trying to reduce my WIP's to a manageable level.
Grace chose the autumnal colours because she didn't want a 'girly' quilt, though they are out of my normal comfort zone. It's also interesting to note that my piecing has improved considerably in 6 years! Originally, I was going to make this a double sided quilt and made a whole number of blocks for the back ( they are another WIP!!) but I quickly realised that it would be quicker and actually get finished if I chose a plain back.
 I quilted it with waves using a new to me longarm ruler, but I had loaded the quilt incorrectly onto the frame. I couldn't be bothered to unpick it and start again, so it is only lightly quilted. This was however a good learning experience, as I have now sorted out why it was incorrectly loaded and won't hopefully make the same mistake again.
As with Bright Bamboo, I bound it using a strips of the backing fabric with a small shot of orange dots.
It's not my favourite quilt, though the lighter quilting does give it a softer drape. I haven't decided what to do with it yet, but it will probably end up as a charity quilt.
Quilt Stats
Size: 69 x 72 inches
Top made in brick pattern using browns, yellows, oranges and greens  with Kona black
Back and binding : Bella extra wide backing in black
Wadding : Fabric Freedom 100% cotton from roll
Quilted on top with Fantastico 5027 variegated red with Wonderfil 80 in orange on the back.
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  1. Well done on using that long arm quilting machine! was it a trial to get going with, or was it easier than you expected? Always wondered about them...

    And, at least it is another one 'off your conscience' to leave the New Year for a new project.

  2. It's lovely to finish these old projects! I'm visiting as part of the 2015 FAL cheerleading team.