Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2015 Sewing Review

2015 was my first full year of retirement, so it has been interesting to review my sewing for the year. This is more a record for me than anyone else but seems obligatory! So, I managed an awful lot of quilts, 16 in total, though some of them were 'Bee' quilts and I didn't make all the blocks.

Of the bee quilts, there were only two that had enough blocks, all the others needed considerable input from me in either additional blocks or borders etc. I only sewed 2 blocks for the WW1 quilt- the 1914-1918 block and one of the poppy blocks, though again it required a lot of additional sewing attaching glued on pieces or those that weren't safely sewn on. I also made my first mini quilt, which proved to be my most popular picture on IG.
It's also a chance to see them all lined up and realise ( except for the last 3 on the mosaic) that they are all either predominantly blue or pink ! Maybe 2016 should be the year I try to branch out of my colour comfort zone. Grace's quilt ( the last one in the mosaic) is like that. I would never have chosen the autumnal colours but in real life it is very pretty ( much better than the photo shows) and is only let down by my piecing and quilting.
Of course, I did a lot more sewing than shown here. There were innumerable bee blocks, another 6 sew together bags, one for me and 5 for my friends, some lavender bags and I knitted 4 hats as Christmas presents.
I was hoping to spend more 2016 making quilts for myself and trying to find my own 'artistic voice' but when I made a list of all my WIP's, there were so many I 'm not sure that will happen.

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  1. Well done on a productive and colourful year! As regards the WIPs...well, don't tell Nicky I said so but just because you've started something doesn't mean you have to finish it as intended - maybe some things could be farmed out to other people to finish for ST, or become cushions, etc?