Saturday, 9 January 2016

2016 Finish a long- quarter 1

I didn't do at all well in the last quarter of 2015, only managing to finish 2 quilts. So I'm going to continue with my fantasy and list much more than I can possibly finish. It is also a way of assessing my unrealistic expectations. I'm also going to try to use more of my stash this year, as  I can no longer fit it all in my cupboards and it is spilling out all over the floor.
So to begin with:


1) Value quilt

This is now quilted, just needs binding
2) Gnome Quilt
This is  taking a long time, mainly because of the paper piecing, but I'm working on it gradually
3)Triangle Quilt
This is coming on, again slowly but  I'll get there!
4)Siblings Together Trip around the world.
As if I didn't have enough to do, I started another quilt. I was given some fabric to make a quilt or two for ST, so I'm using some of it in this quilt ( half from my stash, half from the donated fabric)
5) Geese all round
I have enough blocks now, just need to make it into a top, quilt and bind it.
6)Retirement quilt
Just need to quilt and bind it!
7)It's a wonderful world.

I have enough blocks, just need to put them together.
8)Small map quilt
This ( sadly ) is not mine, but Alicia Merrett's. Mine needs to be finished.
Then there is my list of projects where I have the fabric/pattern but haven't started yet:
1) Second ST quilt
This donated fabric needs to be converted into a quilt.
2) Trajectory quilt
This one is for me. I have the Oakshott fabric, just haven't started yet.

3) Circles Quilt
I have bought some beautiful radiance fabric to make a circles quilt ( no picture)
4) Organiser bag
This is a pattern By Annie and I have the fabric, zips etc, just need to do it!

I have the fabric, just need to start.

6) Starry Sky quilt
I have the pattern and enough fabric in my stash.


2016 FAL


  1. Quite a list. I did not participate last year, so I am hoping to get a few finishes out of it. Your list is long and the gnome project and looking forward to see some finishes.

  2. You're going the ambitious hopeful route too I see! ;-) What a bunch of lovely projects though - good luck working thru them! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  3. You have some lovely projects on the go. So great you've been given some fabrics to make ST quilts, the flying geese one looks amazing.

  4. I don't remember seeing the gnome quilt before - I love it!! Good luck with your list! (From one long lister to another!)