Sunday, 8 January 2017

Finish a long 2017 Q1

Well, another year and another set of goals. I didn't do quite as well as I hoped last quarter because my sewing was affected by developing tennis elbow ( and of course the madness of Christmas and New Year). I may do a 2016 round up ( if I can be bothered!) but that will be another post.
Anyway to launch straight into this year my following list is another fantasy list, but hey- why not !

1)Sewing Retreat Bag

I'm doing the pouch swap for The Thread House Retreat which is only a couple of weeks away, so this is one I will definitely finish!

2)Lavender bags

I need a few of these as gifts, so again this is one I should finish.

3)Ombre Rising Star Quilt

I have the fabric and the pattern but haven't started yet

4)Rug Quilt

This is a rug in my children's house that I want to replicate as a quilt.

5)Scrap quilt
Just something quick I can throw together as light relief ( hence no photo)

6)Ironing Board cover

I desperately need one of these, mine is an absolute disgrace.

The above were all new projects, but now onto those pesky WIP's :

7)Mid Century Modern

I would have finished this last quarter if not for my tennis elbow. Just needs binding

8)Triangle Quilt

I've made a lot of progress on this one, so this is a realistic finish for this quarter.

9)Siblings Together Quilt

Another one I should have finished last quarter

10)Gnome Quilt

I've made very little progress with this one, it needs some focus.

11)Make Your own Magic

Zilch progress on this one

12)Star Quilt

Sadly, no progress on this either

13)It's a wonderful world

Another static project

14)Red and White Quilt

I got bored with this one years ago, but it would be perfect for Siblings Together.

I've also found a few more abandoned projects:

15)Lonestar Quilt

I started this ( many years ago) as the back of a double sided quilt. Then I realised that I'd never finish the quilt, so made it with an ordinary back and this has languished ever since.

16) Mod Mosaic quilt

Similar story with this- it was destined as the back of Grace's quilt, but was taking too much time , so was abandoned. Again, if I pulled my finger it , it would be a great quilt for Siblings Together.

17)Aeroplane Bag

This is so close to finishing, but I twisted one of the straps and it needs to be unpicked, so got abandoned.

Not a very realistic list I know, because I will probably get distracted by some other things as well. It's cathartic to list WIP's though, it helps you realised how much your tastes have changed!I haven't bothered to list any of my knitting WIP's because the list would as long as this one!


  1. looks slightly shorter then my fantasy list ... you go girl

  2. Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy! Great projects to work on this quarter.

  3. WOW now that is a list!!! I was only brave enough to list 4 items and most of them are to the quilting stage. Good luck with all your finishes. I'm loving that gnome quilt.

  4. Good luck with your projects that is quite a list! Love the gnome and magic one

  5. All of your projects are lovely, but I especially like the gnome quilt. Good luck on your finishes

  6. What interesting projects you have in the making. wonderful. Good luck progressing those. =)