Thursday, 9 April 2015

FAL2015 Second Quarter

These lists make very boring reading, I'm afraid, but they do provide a much needed incentive to get things done.
I managed 5 out of my 9 projects listed last quarter, so not too bad, all things considered. I therefore have 4 quilts to carry forward to this second quarter. These are:

1)HST quilt

All the blocks are made ( though not trimmed!), so still a fair bit of work to be done.
2)Trajectory Quilt

Still waiting for a few blocks to be sent to me, then I can finish this one.

3)Graces Quilt

Just need to quilt and bind this one, so no excuses for why it's not finished
4)Wonky stars quilt
Again, just need to quilt and bind it.
5) Wonky Log Cabin 1

Just need to quilt and bind it ( can you see a theme developing here!)

5) Wonky Log Cabin 2
This is the bee block for STQB for April, so should have all the blocks in the next few weeks to get on with this one.

6) Boy quilt from FQR retreat 2014
These were blocks made in the FQR retreat, that I have to do something with. I have been waiting for some solids to go with these blocks, and they have now arrived.
8)Recession Quilt
These blocks are bee blocks for Together@do.good stitches for this month, so I should be able to get this quilt done this quarter

9)Geese all round
I'm still waiting for some of these blocks to come in, but hope to get it done this quarter.

10)Carlton's Quilt
I'm planning to make an eye spy economy block quilt for Carlton.
I think this is more than enough for one quarter.
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  1. I think you are an over-achiever! You got loads finished last quarter and here's a load more to do ;) All very beautiful though x

  2. Looks like you'll be busy! Re number 6 let me know if you need any scraps for binding, I've just finished 2 quilts in the Curious Nature fabric and have a few bits left.

  3. Ooh Love the Wonky Stars, the log cabins and wow the Geese all round! Have a good three months and clear these out - well the ST one at least!

  4. You have rather a lot to keep you going there! Good luck!