Monday, 30 March 2015

UK Mini Swap 2015

Just a quick post because I have finished my UK mini swap quilt ( taking place on IG). This is my first ever mini swap, so I'm a bit nervous. I have reservations about mini quilts, though now I've made one I can see how useful it is for trying out new things without committing to a full quilt. And certainly, my sewing room could do with a bit of decoration.
Anyway here it is:

And the back:
I nearly forgot to put in the corner triangles on the back, so it could be hung on a wall without damaging the quilt, but remembered in time!.
The design is not my own, it is a complete copy of a beautiful quilt ( called Portal) by a South African quilt artist called Susan Wessels. I haven't been able to find out much about her, except she makes exceptional quilts. I drew it out on paper ( I don't have the computer skills or package to do it any other way!) and then worked out how to paper piece it in sections. It seemed to work very well. I will be very sad to part with it because I absolutely love it. I just hope my partner does too. I spent hours agonising over a suitable design and pinning loads of alternatives, until I saw this one.
It is quilted quite simply with straight lines using Presencia 50/3 in a mid-grey.
This will also be my final first quarter finish in FAL 2015.
My original list for this quarter is here:

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. This is just beautiful, I love the colours. I think we all need more mini quilts in our lives!!

  2. It's beautiful Carol. I am on the fence about mini quilts, but this would look wonderful on anyone's wall.

  3. Stunning - I'm sure it will be much loved. Perfect colours. Juliex

  4. This is eye catching! I love the colours and the design. So beautiful! Your recipient will weep tears of joy when she receives this!!

  5. This is so stunning! I'm trying to work out how you did (or rather didn't) bind it though?

  6. It's beautiful - I'm sure your partner loved it.

  7. I missed this Carol! It's very beautiful and well done for drawing your own pattern. No doubt it will be well loved :)

  8. I am the proud owner of the original "Portal". I am head over heels in Love with it and am glad that the design stole more hearts than mine.