Thursday, 16 April 2015

My first Sew Together Bag

I'm always very slow on the uptake, as these bags have been around for a while. My partner in the UK miniswap admired one of these bags on IG ( that someone had been gifted ), so I thought it was the perfect extra. I had also seen these fabulous tote bags in Tula Pinks' Elizabeth fabric. Initially, I thought I would make one of these but they involved piping ( the pattern uses ready- made piping, something I couldn't source in the UK) and I had already purchased the Sew Together bag pattern some time ago, so I combined the two, et voila:

Little did I know it would cause me such pain!. My sewing machine didn't like the thick layers of fabric and I broke 2 needles and ruined my 1/4 inch foot.
 I don't know if you can see it clearly but the needle drilled a new hole at the rear of my plastic 1/4 inch foot making it impossible to sew with anymore.
I put out a call on IG and Victoria @sewgoclimbing came to my aid and suggested a walking foot. Fortunately, that did the trick.
I used fabric from my stash for the inside ( didn't have enough Tula).
Before I started I did a bit of research and found The Quilt Barn's Sew a Long invaluable. I also chose to use longer zips and cut them off ( easier to sew) , though I think zip tabs is probably a good solution as well. I'm sure, as many others have found before me ( as I said I'm a little slow!!) the next one will be a lot easier. I've also ordered a new metal quarter inch foot! I've now sent off my UK miniswap but foolishly didn't take a photo of the contents. I just hope my partner likes it all.



  1. I have fancied making one of those bags too, just haven't really got the excuse for it... Yours looks lovely. I am sure your partenr will love whatever you sent!

  2. Sounds like a rather traumatic sewing experience. The outcome is lovely though. I'm beginning to like those Tula fabrics more each time I see them.

  3. wow! Im amazed you kept going ... glad you did though because it looks wonderful xx

  4. What a shame about the foot! To be honest, I would not be brave enough to attempt this bag… Yours is fab though :) x

  5. It's wonderful - sorry about the dead foot, though!

  6. well done on your first Sew Together bag! Ready made piping really isn't necessary, making piping is very easy and just involves a strip of fabric and the piping cord, so don't let that put you off making the tote.