Saturday, 11 October 2014

FAL Final Quarter

I didn't do well in Q3, and I don't suppose I'll be much better in Q4 with a holiday and Christmas coming up rapidly. So, I've curtailed my list and hope I can get some of it done!

1) Red + and X cross quilt.
I finally managed to sew the blocks together. Being bee blocks they were of variable size, so I had to trim them to 10 inches . I also had to discard a few, hence the dodgy lime green centre middle right. I just couldn't bear to make another block. So, just got to quilt and bind it!
2) Blue medallion quilt
This has gone from this
To this
Again just got to quilt and bind it. The wadding has now arrived, so I have no excuse. These two quilts are Christmas presents, so I do need to get on with them.
3) Geese all round quilt.
These blocks have been hanging around for 18 months. I need to get this finished for Christmas again. I want to give it to my niece Eleri who has just started at Queen's medical school, Belfast.
4) Triangle Quilt.
I definitely need to finish this one. It's only small, but I'm being very nervous about straight line quilting on the longarm. I need to get my big girl pants on and just do it!
5)Table runner and place mats.
These are a new addition to my list, but Madlen needs them for her table in London. Should be quick and easy ( the triumph of optimism over sense!)
6) Aeroplane bag.

I started this in June , made a mistake and have left it ever since ( one of the straps is twisted) . I also do not have bag feet or any of the other bits for the bottom.

Of course there are loads of other WIP's that I could add but that would be at best foolish, at worst moving into the realms of fantasy.

Finish Along 2014


  1. I know that feeling only too well – where you are so sick of a quilt that you cant bear to make another block ( one of my quilts ended up being almost a mini because of it )

    Your blue medallion quilt top is fantastic!!!!

    And your triangle quilt is pretty gorgeous too – if you’re worried about long arming it why don’t you bung it on your domestic machine?

    Thats quite a list – but I bet you can do it ! Good Luck and I'll be cheering you along.

  2. I think you've done really well! It must have taken ages to make all those new rounds on your medallion quilt, not to mention all that trimming… All the quilts are beautiful, as usual :)

  3. I love that blue medallion quilt, it's stunning!! Good luck!

  4. Wow!!! There are absolutely stunning!!!