Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Lola Pouch

Just a quick post about my new Lola pouch, so I just get in under the wire for FAL Q3. I had seen many of these pouches by Sotak handmade on IG etc, so thought I'd better give it a go.
I've never made a pouch like this, with binding around the top before.

It wasn't difficult to make and the pattern instructions are very clear. I used a bit of Essex linen in blue and Liberty for the top section and the lining. The binding was a Cotton and Steel.

I have 2 gripes with the pattern, firstly the binding was too narrow, if I were to make it again I'd increase the width. Secondly, I really hate the way the zip ends. I followed the pattern measurements exactly and I just don't like how you have to grip the bag to get the zip to open.

I'm not sure if I'll make any more. Maybe I'll try the smaller size at some point.

This is number 7 on my original FAL Q3 list ( here).

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  1. It's a lovely pouch! I always make my binding 1/8" wider than the pattern as I also found it a bit tight at the specified width, I thought that was just me being a bit generous with the seam allowance when adding the zip. I've never noticed any issue with opening the zip, but the next time I go upstairs I'm going to try opening one of mine!

  2. I hope you learn to love this pouch because I think it's lovely (as you know!) - congratulations on your finish, and thank you, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts, for taking part!