Monday, 12 October 2015

Pay it forward

I had a lovely surprise this week. Ages ago, I commented on Jo's blog when she had received a pay it forward gift and as a consequence she volunteered to make me a gift. I forgot all about it, until a wonderful package arrived.
Jo made me a fabulous cushion using shot cottons, in my favourite colours. It is beautifully made , including proper piping and a  covered zip on the back.

The back is equally lovely, with some skeleton fabric covering the zip. Jo also included a pretty hare charm and some yellow fabric because she knew I didn't have much yellow in my stash.
Part of the deal, to spread the love, is that the recipient of the pay it forward gift promises to make a gift for 3 other people.
I'm well aware that nobody reads blogs anymore in this IG age, but the first 3 people to comment on this post will receive a gift from me some time in the next year.



  1. Ah Carol that is such a gorgeous cushion, I still read blogs, I like a bit of depth to things which you don't get on IG! Don't feel like you need to pay it forward to me though, I prefer the random nature of paying things forward because I feel moved to rather than because they are the 'rules'!

  2. I found your blog by random clicking! Love using scraps & getting new ideas. Keep blogging!