Wednesday, 14 October 2015

FAL Quarter 4

This year seems to have flown by. This quarter is always a busy one, with the festive holidays and Mr Hare and I are planning a 3 week break in November. I managed 4 out of 8 of my list for quarter 3, so not too bad and realised that I am going to abandon 2 of the listed projects ( Abergavenny map quilt and a Hazel hedgehog quilt). My list for this quarter is far from comprehensive but I'm going to persist in listing too much ( why break a habit when there are no penalties!). So..

1) HST quilt
This is now a top and just needs quilting and binding. I was waiting for the backing to arrive which it now has.
2)Grace's quilt
This is now quilted, although very lightly and I'm not very happy with it. I managed to somehow load it incorrectly onto my longarm and didn't discover this until I'd quilted the first section. I was too lazy to undo it all, but it will make a good charity quilt. It just needs binding
3)Handcrafted Triangles

This is a slow burner which I'm enjoying but obviously has a long way to go!

4)Geese all round.
No further progress with this one
5)Map quilt
Although I've abandoned my plans for an Abergavenny map quilt, I started a small scale map quilt in Alicia Merrett's class at FOQ. So I would like to finish it
The batik strips are not staying in, unsurprisingly, they are just a guide to mark the roads until I've finished the houses and fields.
6) Retirement Quilt
This quilt top is my only EPP quilt so far and it took me a year. I need to quilt and bind it

7) Siblings Together Quilt

I'm Queen Bee this month, so when I get all the blocks I hope to finish this one this quarter.
8)It's a wonderful world
I really should do something with this!

9) Gnome Quilt
As if the above weren't  enough already, I have started another quilt for the daughter of a friend. She is obsessed by garden gnomes. I'm hoping to finish it before she finishes university!
It's a lot of fun and out of my comfort zone, which I think is good.
This is more than enough to be going on with!
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  1. Go on tell us how old your daughters friend is now? Is she in her first year of Uni or still in nappies? I'm just interested to see how long you think it might take! Good luck and enjoy your travels.

  2. Where are you going on your hols? Do you need more wonderful life blocks?