Sunday, 29 June 2014

Scrappy Trip Around the World finished

With the end of the second quarter of FAL rapidly approaching I have a couple of short posts to reveal my finished quilts. I'm doing really well this quarter, despite being busy doing other things. This is my fifth finished quilt in the last 3 months, so I'm really pleased with myself!
Here it is:

And here is the back:
I really like the extra wide quilt backs, they make life so much easier! These phone photo's don't quite convey how pretty this quilt really is- I know I need to get a better camera.
After my marathon quilting extravaganza with the last quilt, I just used very straightforward serpentine quilting on this quilt. The front is so busy that I think more complicated quilting would be wasted. The binding was from Lizzy House's Constellations ( can't remember the exact name) and I really like the way it finishes it off.
Originally, I had intended this quilt for the daughter of my BF but Madlen saw it and said she wanted it. I have the blocks for  another scrappy trip quilt (to be sewn together soon!) that was meant to be for her ( Madlen), so now I'm going to finish that one and let her choose between the two. They are both very pretty so I don't think it will matter which one she decides upon.
This was again quilted with So Fine in colour 401.
Quilt Stats:
Finished quilt size: 70 x 80 inches ( it's shrunk a little in the wash)
Front: made in various strips from stash
Back: Spot on spot in pink by Robert Kaufman
Binding : from Lizzy House's constellations
Quilted: in So Fine 
Another second quarter FAL

Finish Along 2014


  1. What a beautiful quilt Carol, you can't go wrong with a Scrappy Trip and all the fabrics work so well together. Love the backing too :-)

  2. This is fab Carol and with your amazeballs taste in fabric, you were definitely on to a winner. I'm not surprised Madlen wanted to keep it! I'm halfway through a scrappy trip for me and I don't think I like it :/ Oh well….

  3. Spot on with the simple quilting Carol- those fabrics tell their own story without added fuss and feathers. I love it !

  4. Love your choice of fresh colours, Carol! Great quilt!!
    Yay for another finish!