Monday, 30 June 2014

Jigsaw Quilt- Ta Da!

This will be my last post of finished quilts for this second quarter of the FAL with Katie. I have another quilt ( scrap vomit) quilted but it needs binding and I know that I won't get that done in time. Tomorrow, I'm driving to Durham with Mr Hare because my lovely boy Harri is graduating on Wednesday. He's done really well, so all those hours of hand -holding, essay reading/ editing etc have been worth it. We are also going to meet his girlfriend Juliette's parents for the first time. I have put on weight so had to buy a new dress, which I was reluctant to do, because since I retired I have favoured comfort over looks and quite frankly look like a bag lady most of the time. I have suitable clothes, I just can't fit into them!
Anyway, onto the quilt. This is the second baby quilt I have made recently and appeared in my list as a boy baby quilt, though I actually think it is probably gender neutral

I used the same ish fabrics on the back and I like both sides equally.
The fabrics are mostly Timber and Leaf by Sarah Watts with a few others thrown in. I used some X and + fabric by Alison Glass , Sketch in citron and used a border of squared elements in citron. There are a few other fabrics in there that I can't identify. I used the brown fox fabric for the binding to finish it all off.
I've decided to try and learn something new each week ( probably should be every day but I'm not sure I could manage that). So, one of my new things this week is I learnt how to do the jigsaw pattern for the quilting, which I thought was appropriate given it is a jigsaw quilt.  I used this tutorial and actually it's a fairly simple pattern.
I also decided to hand stitch the binding on. This reminded me why I nearly always machine stitch my bindings- I ended up with shredded fingertips on my right hand. Note to self, always pack a thimble when you go away for the weekend!
 Quilt Stats
Finished size: 41 x 53 inches
 Fabrics from stash as above
Wadding from stash- I have no idea what it was
Quilted with So Fine
This is my sixth finished quilt this quarter. I think this is a record for me. Of course, even though I still have loads of WIP's to finish ( though less than I had), I've still started another two quilts, I can't help myself! All will be revealed soon.
My original Fal list is here and my updated 2nd quarter list is here

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  1. Wow! six finishes! That is wonderful!

    Congratulations to Harri as well.. all that hard work, and he gets a piece of paper... A very useful piece of paper. Proud Parents, enjoy the day!

  2. Well done Harri! Good luck with meeting the potential in-laws, I hope they are not too scary ;) I love this quilt and the quilting.

  3. It's a lovely quilt and I agree with you,the back is great too.
    I'm also trying to finish some projects but the need to start something new is starting to creep into my brain!

  4. I’m fairly confident you don’t look like an actual bag lady but I totally hear you on the comfort clothes deal. I have a job where I wear those kind of clothes to work – lucky me!

    Six finishes in a quarter is an absolute sterling effort- you are my new hero. And that jigsaw quilting looks amazing!

    Congratulations to your son. I bet he's thrilled to be done with that part of his study!

  5. Six? SIX?!!! Wow, well done!!! Hope the graduation went well!

  6. Carol, thanks a bunch for sharing this! I'm always looking for new quilting patterns. You have been so productive this quarter - I wish I could get so much done. :)