Saturday, 11 January 2014

2014 FAL list of shame

I've decided it's about time to try and finish all my projects and so what better than a finish along with Katy. As I was compiling my list (which I'm ashamed to say is not totally comprehensive!) I realised that this is going to be very long, so please bear with me. There is no way I can finish all of these in one quarter but I'm hoping that just compiling the list will spur me on. Sooo:

1)Sparkle Punch Quilt

I can't even remember when I made this. The back is done, just needs quilting and binding

2)Quilt for Helena

Top is done, the back is half finished, then needs quilting and binding.

3)Lois's Quilt

These were my Bee block choice from FQR Kinky Bee 2012. All the blocks are done but need to be sewn together. I have bought the back ( extra wide botanics-lush!) , then will need quilting and binding.
4)Grace's Quilt

I made this quilt top for Harri's then girlfriend Grace, 4 years ago. She chose the colours. It's been languishing ever since. I decided to make it double sided and use mod mosaic blocks on the back. These are done, just needs the back finishing, then quilting and binding.

5) Star Bee Blocks
This Bee was a disaster. Four of the participants kept my fabric and didn't return it and a fifth participant sent the fabric back ( my month was March 2013!)  So I have 14 blocks and need to make at least another 6 minimum before I can continue. I have bought the backing fabric, so just need to do it!

6)Disappearing Nine Patch Blocks

I have all the blocks for this one, but I'm not loving it, so going to the bottom of the pile and maybe destined eventually as a charity quilt. This is a shame as the colours are fab.
7)Random Stars Blocks
I started this eons ago and even joined the Lucky stars BOM 2013 and now 2014. I haven't made one of the BOM's . So I need to do a few more blocks and then we'll see.
8)Red and White Sampler Quilt

I'm not loving this one much either. It needs more blocks and then I'll see.

9)Madlen's Scrappy Trip Around the World

Blocks are all made for this one. I just need to sew them together. I've got the back , so just needs quilting and binding.
10)Siblings Together Quilt

 Just need to quilt and bind this one before July

11) It's a Wonderful World.

The fabulous Bumbling Honey's made me some wonderful blocks for this quilt. I'm really loving this one, so working away at making a few more blocks before assembling it.
12) Kaffe Fassett Quilt
I foolishly decided to hand quilt this one. Once I've finished my hexagon stars ( see below) then I might get back to it.
13)EPP Hexagon Stars Quilt
This was started in March/April last year and is my retirement quilt. I have five full stars and two half stars to make, then sew them all together, quilt and bind. I already have the backing. I'm wanting to finish this by the end of March, but I have a lot of annual leave left ( and some skiing to do) so I'll see.
14)Economy Block Top
I have the backing for this one too, so just need to quilt and bind it.
15)Scrap Vomit for Lydia
Blocks all done, need sewing together, quilting and binding. I've got the back for this as well.
16) Oakshott Bolster
I started this last winter and had underestimated how much smaller it becomes when you use the lil' twister blocks. So it ended up too small. It needs quite a bit more adding before it will be big enough as a draught excluder for our French doors.
17) VW Cushion
A work colleague asked me to make this for charity. I've just got to make it into a cushion ( with binding).
18)Super Tote Bag
I 'made ' this QAYG fabric ages ago, just never got round to making the bag. Pattern is bought, just have to do it.
19)Lucien's Quilt

I have all the fabric bought for this quilt, including the back but have only made one block. Quite a lot to do then!
20) Oakshott Quilt
Again, I have all the fabric for this quilt top ( but not the back) but have only made one block. Not really any realistic prospect of getting any further in the immediate future.
I think that's the lot for now. I've realised that I need to do another post like this for knitting projects!!! Realistically, I'm hoping that I get numbers 13,14,16,17 and 18 done this quarter.






Finish Along 2014


  1. Hello it was a disaster !!! you and me got the sticky end if you want to send me some i will do blocks for you !!!.
    hope you had a better start to the year than last happy new year i know it is a bit late !!!
    love all the other stuff you have done

  2. Carol! What a list! However, I think if you had had a roof for most of last year, your list wouldn't be this long!! Each project is so gorgeous as well. You have exemplary taste! Like Linda, I would be happy to help you along with a few blocks to finish some if needed :) I think I might join this FAL thingy to help me focus my energy too! Lots of love xxxxx

  3. That bee sounds dreadful! I love all your projects (particularly the hexies!) and can't wait to watch them develop - good luck!

  4. Goodness me that is some list! I really love the sparkle punch, in particular. Good luck with ticking some off! Juliex

  5. Wow! You've started some beautiful quilts. All the best for getting some finishes done, they're too gorgeous not to finish...

  6. Well it's a fabulous selection of projects anyway! I have been that bee though, sorry about that :o(

    Good luck!

  7. Long list of fabulous projects. Love the sparkle punch and the hexagon stars! Best wishes for your finishes!

  8. You have some beautiful projects there. I haven't compiled my Q1 list yet, but it's on my to do list today.

  9. You have some beautiful projects there. I haven't compiled my Q1 list yet, but it's on my to do list today.

  10. Oh my - you have some stunning projects in there! Lois's quilt and the Oakshott Bolster particularly stand out. I'm sure you can do it :) x

  11. Wowsers, that's some list and it's full of beauties x

  12. you have so many lovely projects! so inspiring.

  13. What a wonderful list! So many gorgeous projects!

  14. Oh my, you have a Long list of WIP´s. Good luck to you. Maybe it could help to finish your EPP Project, if you join us in my new flickr Group EPP-QAL ;-)

  15. Quite a list there Carol. It's a pity about the Bee, but if all the blocks you have got are are pretty as that one it wasn;t a total disaster. I joined the Lucky Stars BOM too but only managed one block which made it into a tote bag I made as a present. Ifind the paper piecing so hard and I am such a procrastinator!

  16. Woah, so many amazing quilt tops in that big pile!

  17. Amazing selection (and quantity) of quilt tops, the hexagon stars is mesmerising!