Friday 31 March 2017

Mid Century Modern Quilt

A quick post to get this under the wire for FAL Q1. This is number 7 on my FAL Q1 list ( original here).
This quilt started life as a travelling quilt bee with the Bumbling Honeys quilt bee. We each made a starter block ( in theory anyway!) and it was posted around each bee member to add blocks according to our specifications. I specified a limited palette of solids only fabric in a mid century modern design. It more than exceeded my expectations, with some lovely touches.

Sadly I'm very disappointed by my quilting. It looks fantastic from a distance, and I used it as a practice piece. However, I was having tremendous tension problems and the back is dreadful. Fortunately , I'm going to use it as a wall hanging, so the back won't show.It's also quite small so perfect for this use.

Some of the quilting designs worked better than others. I'm not a fan of feathers and prefer the more graphic straight line style.

I added a binding in a black solid fabric which frames it well I think.

I've added a hanging sleeve to the back.

Quilt Stats
Size:46 x 44 inches
Front made from quilting bee blocks
Back : Kaffe Fassett 
Wadding: 100% cotton from roll
Quilted with Glide in grey on top and decob light grey on back
Binding : Bella black solid


  1. Your quilt has a lot of pop. It's beautiful! I like how you experimented with the quilting :)

  2. The back quilting may be dreadful to you but the front, oh my it is extremely beautiful. Well done!

  3. Great finish! I generally don't worry about backs, as long as it holds together and looks good on the front. The front looks great! Love the colors!

  4. Beautiful version of a MidMod motif. The colors are really pretty.

  5. Fabulous midcentury modern designs. Gorgeous!

  6. Fantastic ! I Love the design and colour scheme.