Monday, 11 July 2016

FAL Quarter 3 list

In terms of the FAL I didn't do very well last quarter, only finishing one project on my list. I had of course done a lot of sewing, but it wasn't on the list ( a tonne of bee blocks and extras for sad reasons like #quiltsforjo and #quiltsforpulse, 2 quilts which I hadn't listed, additions to the wonderful round robin with #bumblinghoneys  and I quilted 3 siblings together quilts for other people)). It's difficult to know whether to add everything but the kitchen sink in these lists or keep it more realistic. As usual, I have more than I could possibly handle ( and of course I keep adding to it). Anyway, here it goes for this quarter.

1) Siblings Together Quilt using the final leftovers from the Kate and Birdie fabric donated by Moda 2 ish years ago.

2) Quilt for Juliette

I've got over half these blocks done and I'm making a big push to get them all finished. 

3)Triangle quilt

I've got the middle section of this quilt to do. I've got bored with it and need to motivate myself to just f ***ing do it!

4)Gnome quilt
This is a very slow burner. I add a little every now and then. I need to focus more..

5)It's a Wonderful world
No excuses, just need to finish it.

6) Star Quilt
No progress on this one

7)Lola Pouch
I have the pattern and the fabric.

8)Majestic Mountains
This is a Together@ do.good stitches quilt. I'm several blocks short but it should be a quick and relatively easy finish.

9)Bumbling Honeys Round Robin

I received this back from the wonderful bumbling honeys who have all made their own additions. I will write a separate blog about it, but I'm thrilled as it has exceeded all my expectations. I now just have to decide whether to add to it or leave it as it is. My son fancies it as a wall quilt so maybe just quilt and face it.

10) Scrappy quilt
I find it quite liberating to make something less structured than the quilts above. I have loads of orphan blocks and a huge pile of scraps, so I'll hopefully make another scrappy quilt this quarter.

I think that's enough. It's not everything by a long chalk, ( I have at least another 2 quilts set aside half finished and fabric for several more )

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