Saturday, 9 May 2015

Parson Gray Quilt Ta-Da!

This is a long overdue post about another quilt I have finished for Siblings Together. I've been having a few health issues ( still not resolved) which has curtailed my activities for a bit :0(  Anyway, here it is:

This quilt started life at the Fat Quarterly retreat 2014. We were divided into ( volunteer) groups and kindly given a jelly roll to make into a charity quilt. We were given a Parson Gray jelly roll and decided to make simple rail fence blocks. The only others in the group that I can remember taking part were Nick  and Kelly @ , so apologies to anyone else who helped. I volunteered to take the blocks home to make them into a quilt and this is the result. There weren't enough blocks to make a large enough quilt ( I had to make up a few by piecing small strips to get a 4 x5 ft  'inner' section) so I added two solid borders. I also felt the whole quilt needed a bit of a proverbial lift. The fabrics are way out of what I would normally choose and a bit grungy and dull imho! I spent quite a while trying to match the solid colours to the inner fabrics and Kona chartreuse and teal seemed to fit the best ( I definitely wasn't going to choose brown!!). I think it has worked reasonably well.

The back is a batik fabric from Ikea which came in a long strip and I had to piece. I had planned for the lighter strip you can see to be in the middle but somehow this failed miserably. I'm hoping the lobsters will appeal to a child/teenager.
I quilted it with a zig-zag  design which was wasted really as you can't see it on the front.

It was terrific practice for me though and I like the effect, even though you can't see it ! I quilted the edge with straight lines.
The scrappy binding was sent to me by the lovely Mary and is a perfect match.
Quilt Stats:
Size :58 x 71 inches
Front Parson: Gray jelly roll ( don't know which line)and Kona chartreuse and teal
Back : Batik from Ikea
Binding: Parson Gray scraps with a small amount of Kona solids
Wadding: Hobbs Premium Cotton 80/20
Quilted with So Fine 408 50/3 in pale grey both in bobbin and on top
This is also another finish for FAL Q2, my original list being here.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. The borders really lift it. Sorry to hear you're still having health issues. I had been wondering how you are after your IG post last week from hospital.

  2. What a lovely quilt, and the borders are a great addition. I love the quilting too, especially the dense quilting around the border. I hope you get well soon and can resume quilting as normal.

  3. Good finish, and those borders do give it a lift! The chartreuse pulls the green in the blocks out very well!

  4. On the photo of the back you have the beasties running over onto the block pattern, did you applique these on as an added extra? Or is it a border print, that is just like that?? I like the effect!

  5. I love it, Carol, and your quilting is just fantastic. That backing is so cool too. XX

  6. It is such a lovely quilt and I do like that back! The edge quilting must have taken you ages - it is very effective. I do hope you feel better soon and get to the bottom of what is going on. Juliex

  7. Gorgeous quilt! I hope you feel better soon xxx

  8. This is a wonderful quilt. That quilting is a great addition and once the quilt is washed it will show even more. I'm helping Adrianne with the FAL and I am to say that I am visiting as part of the 2015 FAL Cheerleading Team.

  9. I do like these Parson Gray fabrics. I always appreciate fabrics that could be used for men....or really classy women too! I love it.