Saturday, 21 February 2015

Blue Chequers - Ta Da!

I'm on a roll at the moment ( long may it last!), so I have another finish to reveal. I made this quilt with 4 patch squares that I had left over from my blue medallion. I made them to be the final border on Blue Medallion but didn't like it in the end. So, they've been recycled:

The backing I had also bought for Blue Medallion and it is a good match for the front. I wasn't wide enough, so rather than attempting a pattern match I put in a strip of Baby blue Kona.
I decided to quilt it with a simple swirl in each square. I've never used a pantograph or a groovy board, preferring to do the quilting 'freehand', so you can see how inconsistent I am!
I'm trying to increase my repertoire of quilting stitches, and this was a new one for me.
I used Kona Midnight for the binding except for one small piece of Robin's egg at the bottom, coinciding with the pale stripe on the back.


The Kona Midnight is a perfect match with the Lizzie House constellations backing fabric:
Quilt Stats
Size : 46  x 55.5 inches ( it's shrunk a little in the wash)
Front : 2 inch finished squares of a variety of Kona blue and green solids
Back: Lizzie House constellations with a strip of Kona Baby Blue
Binding : Kona Midnight and a small piece of Kona Robin's egg
Wadding: Left over piece of Quilters Dream Orient
Quilted with Superior Threads Fantastico 5006 which is a variegated blue and green on the top, Bottom Line #622 grey on the back.
I'm going to donate this quilt ( hopefully one of many ) to Siblings Together.
This is also another finish ( my third!!!) for first quarter of FAL 2015 with Adrianne and I'm also going to link with Scraptastic Tuesday.
It's my birthday today ( I won't reveal my age as I can't believe it myself). Mr Hare and I are going to London this afternoon, to take our lovely children out for a birthday meal, then we ( not the children ) are off to Le Trois Vallees for a skiing holiday.



2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

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  1. It's a gorgeous quilt. Perfect for Siblings Together.
    Happy birthday and have a wonderful and safe trip to London and holiday.

  2. Happy Birthday - have a wonderful celebration. It's a superb quilt, well done for recycling the blocks and not hiding them somewhere! Please add the quilt to the ST group when you have a moment, it will take us up to 14!

  3. Happy birthday! It's a gorgeous quilt and such a good way to use up leftover blocks!

  4. Happy Birthday Carol. Im guessing you're about 49 this year :)

    Your quilt is fantastic. I adore those colours and I think the quilting is just perfect.

  5. Oh Carol, I missed your post! Belated happy birthday to you! I hope you had a greta meal and are still enjoying the skiing, or apres ski, at least :) I love this quilt and that quilting is just perfect. What I like most about it is that it is clearly done by hand and it's not perfect! Some boy or girl is very lucky!

  6. I love the way this quilt ended. Great backing fabric. Congrats on another finish.