Friday, 4 April 2014

Finish A Long- First quarter


Finish Along 2014
Well, this quarter has been a complete washout! which fits with the weather as well.
I only managed one finish from my very long list. I finished the VW cushion

I blogged about the cushion here. In my defence, I have had a lot of other things to do: clearing out my office at work, sorting out the paper work to revalidate, setting up my sewing room and holding Harri's hand whilst he sorts out his dissertation. I have managed to finish sewing together my hexagon stars quilt top
I've made a design board:
I've finished all the blocks now for my 'It's a Wonderful World Quilt' but I have to put them together and finish it off.
All the rest of my original list will have to be carried forward to the second quarter. Hopefully, I'll have a bit more done to report back about by then.



  1. Glad to see you got your design board done, it looks great. I'm in love with your spider, he's fabulous :)

  2. Hi Carol! Yay for a new design wall! And that spider block is awesome! And curious minds want to know: does clearing your work office mean that you quit your job? And if yes, does it mean you have plenty of sewing time now?

  3. You may have only finished one thing on your list but it's a good 'un!

  4. The cushion is fabulous...and the stars quilt top is a work of art. I actually think you’ve done quite well considering everything else you had on your plate!

  5. The design board looks great! It sounds like you had a pretty productive quarter, the star quilt looks stunning x