Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Another Quilt for Siblings Together

I thought it was about time I posted about my next Siblings Together quilt. Since I last posted my phone has decided to die and I spent ages prevaricating about what to replace it with. DH got very exercised about not being able to contact me 24/7 but then he is wedded to his phone !! It was actually quite liberating for a short while but meant I couldn't take photos. That is not entirely truthful as I do have a camera ( somewhere) but have got so used to how easy it all is with modern phones.

Since I started writing  this, the awful atrocities in Orlando have taken place. We on this side of the pond just can't understand the attitude to guns in USA and why there isn't an uprising to change the law. Even the most diehard rednecks can be outvoted in a democratic society. Anyway, my thoughts are with those affected and their families. I will also make a block or two for the Orlando MQG drive
Enough on my soapbox, here is my latest quilt:

Two years ago I made an almost identical quilt and the way the blocks were constructed meant I had 12 half finished blocks left over. So, I finally pulled my finger out and finished the blocks. This quilt is slightly smaller than the previous one as I didn't add a border of the white crosshatch. I decided to save the small amount I had because I have enough HST's from these quilts to make a third quilt for ST, but I will need the white fabric to make it big enough. I'm amazed that I can stretch it to 3 quilts!!

I quilted it very similarly to the last one, but  I can see that my FMQ skills have improved in the last 2 years.

Quilt Stats
Size: 49 x 64 inches
Pattern by Melissa from Happy Quilting
Front: Storybook by Kate and Birdie ( donated by Moda) with white crosshatch from Botanics Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander
Back : Fabric from Ikea
Wadding:Hobbs Heirloom 100% cotton
Binding: Green fabric from Storybook range.
Quilted with Glide Linen on front and Wonderfil white decobob on back

This is another finish from my FAL Q2 list ( no 5 in my list here)