Monday, 11 April 2016

FAL Quarter 2 2016

Well, I didn't do too badly in the first quarter of this year, with 5 quilts finished. My list was deliberately a fantasy list, so I'm going to be more realistic this quarter. So, continuing over from the last quarter:
1) Triangle Quilt

I have made a fair bit of progress with this quilt, but I've sort of got bored with it. I'm forcing myself to carry on and get it done.
2) Gnome Quilt
I've made progress with this one too. Just need to do a lot more blocks!
3) It's a wonderful world
No excuse for this one, all the blocks are done. I just need to assemble it.
4) Star Quilt
I have about half the blocks for this done, but it has sat in a cupboard for 4 years. Time to get it finished.
5)Siblings Together Quilt
Yet another quilt for Siblings together. I have enough blocks/fabric left from this quilt to make a second one.
6) Quilt for Juliette
I have promised to make a quilt for Harri's girlfriend. Haven't got a photo, just a few ideas and a colour scheme.
7) Trajectory Quilt
Carried over from last quarter.
 I think that's more than enough for 3 months!