Monday, 14 December 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday ( on Monday)

I know, I know, I haven't written a blogpost for ages. Life has been busy, some good , some bad. I spent ages in October sewing together blocks sewn by local school children on the theme of the First World War and turning them into a quilt. I don't have a picture of the finished item ( was promised them by the organiser but they haven't materialised). To say I'm peeved is a gross understatement. I spent hours and hours on this quilt, all as a volunteer and I haven't even had a mention in  any shape or form ( the teachers who organised and supervised the children to make the blocks all got paid for their services )

The finished quilt looked pretty good, I'm pleased to say, but I won't be doing the second one, the organiser can find another mug.
The good bit was nearly the whole of November on my hols with Mr Hare in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia. Despite the heat ( 35 degrees C) and humidity ( 80%) we managed to enjoy ourselves.
The bad bit is that my poor, demented mother fell and broke her hip at the end of October and everything has gone downhill ever since. My sister held the fort whilst I was away, but she is now living with me until I can sort out a residential home for her ( her choice). Living with someone with dementia is a trial in so many different ways and my mood vacillates between extremes. I feel guilty most of the time because she can't help it, but she is incredibly trying to live with and we have the same conversation 50 times a day. Anyway, this all has severely curbed my sewing time, much like having small children must, though I thought that I was long past that.
I have managed to make a couple of scrappy Christmas stockings. When I was at the Simply Solids sewing retreat in September, Shevvy was making these for sick children in St Thomas's hospital and I volunteered to make some. I didn't know then what was going to happen!
I have also managed to sew together the blocks from my month in Siblings Together quilt bee. These are perfect for using up small scraps and  it will eventually be a lovely quilt!

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