Saturday, 5 October 2013

Fleetwood Mac 2013 Tour

I've been ill all week with a dreadful cold and feeling lousy, so I'm only just getting around to writing a new post. On 27th September Harri and I ( and 20,000 other people) went here

to see Fleetwood Mac. Many months ago, in the depths of winter whilst the hole in the roof was really getting me down, I booked tickets for the O2 arena. I asked Mr Hare if he wanted to come and was very surprised when he said yes, as he's not a 'popular' music sort of person- he prefers Schumann. Anyhous, he said he'd come.  A few weeks before the event, I reminded him again, but yes he said he was coming. It was only the week before when he revealed that he was on-call and hadn't bothered to swap. So, cue Harri who was delighted to be invited.
Harri is never one to miss a party (I wonder where he gets that from!).
Harri drove us both to London with the car packed to the gunnels with his stuff as he was going back to Durham for his final year, the next day. I had to get the train home which I don't mind at all as I was able to stitch some of my hexagon stars.
We arrived early and watched the place fill up.
I'd never been to the O2 arena before and it is huge! It does mean that the band are a long way away, though they had big screens as well. However, the atmosphere was fantastic as were the acoustics.
This was rock soap opera at it's best. The band finally seem to have come to some sort of accommodation with each other and seemed genuinely to be enjoying themselves. They've already done a tour in the States this year and so were extremely well rehearsed  and put on a great show. The set lasted 2 and 1/2 hours which considering they are all in their 60's is some feat ( I suppose you could say it's their job!) and they still have that wonderful something that made them so famous ( and fabulously wealthy). They played only one new song and all the rest were old favourites.
Harri and I had a great time. The crowning glory was that Christine McVie appeared in the encore for Don't stop.