Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Serendipity Kaleidoscope quilt Masterclass

I managed to attend a masterclass this year with Patti Hempen called Serendipity Kaleidoscope Quilts.

I got a last minute cancellation so only had 2 days to gather together the fabric requirements which meant no online shopping, bricks and mortar only. Fortunately, I was helping Madlen move into her new flat, so managed to get to Tikki patchwork in Kew which I have never visited before. Fabulous shop with a very helpful lady ( the owner I think).
The fabric had to have a 24 inch pattern repeat and I was soon to discover that there are not many of these around. They're mostly only Kaffe Fassett or Phillip Jacobs fabrics that have that sort of repeat  although I shall be eyeing up fabrics with a view to their pattern repeat for some time I think.

I chose Becca in the green/ blue colourway by Kaffe Fassett. This is my fabric after lining up 8 exact pattern repeats to make the kaleidoscopes. It is quite hard work cutting through 8 layers of fabric in one go and I got through a few blades on my rotary cutter.

This is Patti's demonstration quilt with the 2 blocks (one large kaleidoscope with corners added and one mid size kaledoscope with 4 small ones in the corners)

This is Lynne who had my favourite fabric from Phillip Jacobs producing the most beautiful kaleidoscopes.

This is the lovely Kerry modelling her kaleidoscopes with Sue behind.

A selection of the kaleidoscopes produced by the class

Patti and Marion

I really enjoyed the class and will post the quilt top when(!!!) it is finished.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Olympic Post

I've not kept up with my intentions already. I've been too busy watching the Olympics to post anything. Hasn't it been fantastic, I've been hooked. Shame the interest hasn't been translated into me running round the block or cycling or swimming for that matter.

I have made a few things in the last 2 weeks.

Firstly. I made these 2 ET phone home blocks.

This one was for practice and can go towards my star quilt.

 This second one is for Sue Bone  Miss August in FQ Kinky Bee.

 I also bought this quarter inch foot

I wish I'd bought it years ago, it has made life so much easier.

I also bought this walking foot

I haven't tried it out yet, have to finish a whole quilt first!

I have also been a busy bee on the soap front. I made two loaves of oatmeal and honey and one of gardener's soap.

These have now been sliced up and placed in my cupboard to 'cure'.

I have also started a new baby quilt which I will post next time when I have finished the whole top.

I spent Friday evening and all day Saturday helping my daughter move into her new flat in Notting Hill.She used to live in Hoxton so this is a whole new experience. I hope she'll be happy there.

Off to view the closing ceremony now.